Zadie Smith On The Adam Buxton Podcast

Ep.130 - Zadie Smith - The Adam Buxton Podcast

Internationally-acclaimed author Zadie Smith is a guest on the Adam Buxton Podcast, which is not just one of the most entertaining podcasts around, the host has some serious interview chops.

Smith discusses her new work, ‘Intimations’ which is a collection of essays some of which were written during the BLM protests and pandemic.

I listened to this episode throughout and there are many highlights, here are just a few

Buxton asks Smith,

What mode are you, are you promoting your essays


Why did you write this book?

Smith, touches on her experience writing the book which was more about,

Enjoying the writing process

Rather than thinking about publishing or the business side of things. An amusing highlight for me was the discussion on hypocrisy, which is a topic covered in Smith’s essay.


The incongruity between a writers life as written about and the writer’s life as lived.

Buxton chimes in,

‘You can organise everything around your thoughts and world view and act all-wise’

Smith reply’s

and your life is a complete shit show.

She then recalls,

this seems to be the pattern with all writers I’ve ever met or read about’.

Smith goes on to say,

‘If you ever really want to meet a reprehensible person you should head straight to the moral philosophy department. There’s an incredible disconnect between what they write and what they do’.

This interview has a real sense of purpose providing current cultural critical commentary. It’s also worth mentioning that proceeds earned form the books sales will be donated to various causes including, The equal justice initiative and Covid Fund New York.

David Goodwin has been blogging since 2010 and is the author of Blog on the Block where he covers civic & social topics. Goodwin hosts the podcast, Pod on the Block. He is the founder and company director of user experience consultancy Uxfam Ltd.

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