Kilburn’s 100 year old Flower Shop to close

It’s autumn and another business falls from the branches of Kilburn High Road but don’t expect it to come back in spring.

Kilburn Flowers which has operated for over a century will be closing for good. Looking at the proximity of the commercial unit to Kilburn tube station and comparing it to other high roads, don’t be surprised if you see planning permission for a another coffee shop to replace Kilburn Flowers.

New Kilburn blog on the block, Kilburn Life has revealed, ‘Kilburn flowers has been a flower shop for more than a 100 years. Spoke to Vince who confirmed that it is closed for good from today. He took the decision this week. So sad…’

Locals were…


When words fail



Another chunk off the character of Kilburn is chipped away as its century old flower shop closes to make way for probably a Coca-Costa.