Property developer trolls residents with racist hoardings

Offensive hoardings for queens park maida hill scheme

Mozart Estate, Westminster’s dirty little secret, a ghetto in the heart of the affluent Queen’s Park is aggressively being gentrified.

A common view across the capital before the skyline of cranes is swapped for blocks of flats are the hoardings which hide the unfinished commodity. Property developer Wilmott Dixon’s new scheme in Mozart Estate has used hoardings which carry hidden messages dreamt up by some awful people who don’t live in the area and want nothing but to push you out.

Residents of Queens Park, an area known for its diversity took to Twitter after being offended by images included on these hoardings. The hoardings received complaints about the images depicting a future vision which included young attractive aspirational looking white people and excluded everyone else. In response to the complains the hoardings were amended to include images of black people. Though the choice of imagery had no intention of reflecting the local diversity but instead aimed to reinforce a stereotypical view of black people; such as a man in African garb carrying a drum, a DJ spinning some vinyl and a woman frantically dancing as you would expect to find in a Pentecostal church.

Lack of inclusion

Offensive hoardings for queens park maida hill scheme

Social cleansing

This is so much more than just developers disregarding what a place is and pushing their agenda for what they want the place to become. Developers have attacked the local area with disrespectful imagery which mocks diversity in response to their discordant vision being rejected by the local community.

David Goodwin has been blogging since 2010 and is the author of Blog on the Block where he covers civic & social topics. Goodwin hosts the podcast, Pod on the Block. He is the founder and company director of user experience consultancy Uxfam Ltd.

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