Tricycle changes its name to Kiln Theatre

Kilburn’s beloved theatre is relaunching with a new name, an announcement was made that from today it will be known as Kiln theatre; the backlash ensued shortly thereafter.

The theatre formerly known as Tricycle is undergoing a £7m revamp, due for an autumn / winter opening later this year.

The Guardian interviewed Indhu Rubasingham, the theatre’s Artistic Director, where she pitched the rich tapestry of ideas, meaning and symbolism behind the name change:

‘Kilns have a relationship with cultures across the world, they are a physical thing, melting pots associated with heat and cooking.’

So today I’ve learned a new word, having looked it up in the dictionary, it appears that Kiln, means some sort of furnace chamber.

The social media response to the rebrand was hostile:

Tricycle was apart of Kilburn’s history

Local people aren’t impressed

Sad but hopeful

Bring on the future

It was also pointed out that a Kiln theatre already exists

The theatre formerly known as Tricycle worked with a branding agency to help it dream up its new moniker. If the theatre approached the public to suggest a new name, what would you have suggested? Leave your answers in the comments below.