Roundhouse’s The Last Word features a bit of Kilburn

Kilburn’s in the house y’all, literally at the iconic Roundhouse which has announced, The Last Word festival.

Two Kilburn related performances will be amongst the politically-charged lineup of poetry, music and theatre.

WHITE, by Koko Brown

Koko is a performer born and raised in Kilburn and this is her debut full solo show about race, identity, belonging. “Where are you from?” “London.” “Right, but where are you really from?”

HAPPY HOUR, by Jack Rooke

Set in the pubs along Kilburn High Road, Happy Hour combines comedy, theatre and documentary storytelling.

Kilburn performer, KoKo Brown
Koko Brown, performer.

When and where is it?

The Last Word festival will be at the Roundhouse in Camden from 25 May to 10 June 2017.

How can I get tickets?

To support local grassroots artist, Koko Brown’s and if you’re curious to see how Kilburn High Road is portrayed in Jack Rooke’s performance, you can get tickets from the Roundhouse website.

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