Petition: Save the Granville and Carlton Centres

The much-loved Granville community centre is at risk of being bulldozed due to government cuts and a petition has been set up in an attempt to save it.

Supporters have a strong case to oppose the Brent Council plans, being that its a site with heritage that goes back over a hundred years. The absence of such an important fabric of local life in Kilburn will have the following implications:

  • Destroy the ONLY heritage site in the area! The Granville and Carlton have been serving the community for over 100 years and are one of the only community spaces left in South Kilburn. They carry the history of the area providing a distinct sense of neighbourhood and pride for the communities of South Kilburn.
  • Displace local community activities like The Granville Community Kitchen, which has been feeding local families and vulnerable people every week.
  • Leave hundreds of local families hungry, who depend on the centres healthy and nutritious meals.

The petition has gained strong support with 477 signatures, almost reaching its target of 500, and celebrated local novelist, Zadie Smith will be speaking at the centre to support the cause.

To support Save the Granville and Carlton Centres, signup to their petition on

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