Come In! Sit Down! MuJu Crew review

Muju Crew launched a barrage of comedy sketches last night with most hitting the target.

Folk with Muslim and Jewish backgrounds join forces to explore and take-the-piss out of Islamaphobia and Anti-Semitism.

Expectations of typical stereotypes are boldly met with no apologies.


Such as, the Jihadi bride who breaks into song with a version of ‘Let It Go’ from family favourite ‘Frozen’, when she meets her ‘IS’ soul mate.


We see an actor who is asked to blow himself up during a suicide bomber audition. Fasting is taken beyond faith with a new fitness-craze infomercial; the Ramadan workout plan.


Brent Cross shopping centre gets a Gaza strip check point.

For the most part, these quick-fire sketches worked well, although the sheer volume meant there were one dud too many.

The Highlight came from the role-reversal, Pakistani-female-movement, where a woman played by Amina Zia, introduces us to her 4 husbands. Each competing for her attention, leaving the one she met on Twitter in tears as she inserts her hand inside husband no. 2 (he’s a puppet). Ordering her husbands to cover up and culminating in an orgy of foot massages.


Closely followed by a female muslim rapper from Kensal Rise, sharing well delivered intimate raps about her relationship with boyfriend Jamal. The lethargic dance moves had the audience in hysterics.

The Muju Crew make a brilliant reference to when the Tricycle made the headlines for deciding not to host the UK Jewish Film Festival.

The Jewish & Muslim spectrum of stereotypes are boldly and hilariously tackled but the sketch appears unbalanced and focuses more on the Mu than the Ju.

Dates: Mon 27 Jul – Sun 2 Aug, 2015
Web/Tel: / 020 7328 1000

David Goodwin has been blogging since 2010 and is the author of Blog on the Block where he covers civic & social topics. Goodwin hosts the podcast, Pod on the Block. He is the founder and company director of user experience consultancy Uxfam Ltd.

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