Takeover Festival Returns To Kilburn

Last year the Tricycle Theatre held its first ever festival for and by young people – Takeover Festival 2014.

If you missed it the first time round, read on to find out why you should support it this year.

The following soundbites really define the Takeover Festival’s purpose:

  • Over 200 young people took part in the Takeover festival as performers and producers.
  • The Tricycle Theatre has run drama projects at Press Road Housing Estate since 2004.

Mark Londesborough | Creative Learning Director: Everybody involved in the festival knows it’s kind of up to them to make it work in terms of what they produce, what they present and what they put on stage but also in terms of making sure they’ve got an audience. And that’s why it’s really nice to have the young producers working on one side and the performers working on the other, so that working together they can make sure that this is a really exciting festival.

Maia | Young Producer: We want everyone to be involved and we want everyone to see that we have a voice that’s worth hearing.

Elisha | Tricycle Young Company: Growing up in an area like this (Press Road, NW10) is not really . . . there’s not really any opportunity, it’s really hard to find things like this. The ‘Press House’ was an amazing opportunity for me to grow and to be where I am today.

Emily Lim | Young Company Director: In an area like Press Road where there is limited access to the arts it’s really important we are delivering the sessions on the estate itself and creating easy and open access to the work of the Tricycle and then inviting those participants back into the building for the week of the Takeover to perform here and to really feel like they own part of that.

Elisha | Tricycle Young Company: Now I’ve moved to the Tricyle Theatre which is an amazing company, amazing theatre, it’s a really big difference in the sense that it’s more professional and gives me more confidence to make it where I am now.

Indhu Rubasingham | Artistic Director, Tricycle Theatre: It’s really, really important for young people to have opportunity and access to theatre. So the fact that they are getting a professional play written for them and professional director, design team, they’re just going to get an experience that I’m quite jealous of.

Maia | Young Producer: We’ve got 3,000 seats to fill over the whole Takeover, which is daunting but is also really exciting.

Sarah | Tricycle Young Company: I come home and look at my calendar and see that it’s 1 more week to go, I’m really excited and just counting off the days ’til Thursday.

Elisha | Tricycle Young Company: I personally believe they give us confidence to go through life and find better opportunities to become better actors and people in general.

Indhu Rubasingham | Artistic Director, Tricycle Theatre: It’s really important that theatre gives that opportunity to as many people as possible. I know, that in my tenure that if someone from Press Road by the time I leave here is in a career of the arts, I would have achieved what I meant to achieve.

Elisha | Tricycle Young Company: Getting the opportunity to get into just small things, small drama things like this Press House, you wouldn’t expect it to be anything great or lead to anything but now I’m at the Tricycle working on the big stage I think any little opportunity you can get, I think you should go for it because you never know where it can lead you in life, it can lead to great places like where I am now, the Tricycle Theatre is an amazing thing to do. I think you just need to find that confidence in yourself because it does get easier over time, just put yourself right in there and don’t look back.

Watch the soundbites in full on Youtube:

We’re all rooting for Elisha and the rest of the Tricycle Young Company so we urge you not to miss this chance to experience the breadth and depth of youth culture. You can catch the Takeover Festival from 22-29 March by booking tickets on the web, tablet or mobile.