Restaurant Food Delivery Startup Comes To NW6


Blog On The Block asked a Kilburn local to try out a complimentary delivery from restaurant food delivery Startup, Deliveroo.

Deliveroo recently launched in the area and brings premium food to north-west London door-steps, desks or even your local park bench off the high-road.

The restaurant chosen via Deliveroo was Ladudu Vietnamese.


Okay so delivery was great 5 mins before the 7 o’clock request which was needed as we were ravished! After watching QPR come back from 2-0 down to Win 3-2 I needed to come home and rest up and was so happy that I had ordered in advance for a specific time.

It was packaged in one bag and the boxes inside were arranged in the right order, so as not to fall out when in delivery.


Chilli garlic squid

First thing to tuck into was the Chilli garlic squid!! Fantastic I have to say!! Good sized pieces of squid! Still hot and the vegetables that come with the dish were just right not too greasy and crisp enough. It’s hard to get chilli squid wrong but most restaurants do, Ladudu got it bang on!!!

Comes in a lite cardboard box which seems to help the food not sweat as it does in a plastic container.


Then onto the summer rolls veg and chicken

Again to be honest these need work. They were definitely not the worst summer rolls we have ever had but after the chilli squid we were expecting more. Room for improvement. The rolls both the Veg and Chicken were bland. There was a lack of real decent sized chicken pieces in the roll and the ratio of Veg to Chicken was well off! That being said they were pleasant to eat and are by no means a bad dish.


Hot and sour noodle sea bass soup.

Really really tasty!!! Still piping hot and you could see the vegetables had been freshly chopped to make the soup it was a pleasure to pour in the bowl. The broth was freshly made you could tell, really clean tasting. The fish was slim but fresh and really set the dish off. As a main course I would recommend the soups from the restaurant on the evidence of the one we had.

Bun-xa chicken

Again delivered in a lite cardboard box that unfolded to see all the ingredients arranged well (meaning not all slopped in together) and delicious. Clean fresh ingredients. Really good pieces of chicken. I ate mine straight from the box as I couldn’t wait to get tucked into more!

All in all:

  • Delivery 9/10 – 5 minutes early might not be to everyone’s liking. That’s why I knocked a point off.
  • Presentation 8/10 – Plain simply prepared with care.
  • Chilli squid 10/10 – All day long great dish done well.
  • Summer rolls 6/10 – The only slight let down of the meal
  • Soup hot and sour 8/10 – Good clean fish soup really tasty
  • Bun-xa chicken 9/10 – If you like clean noodles with chicken and freshly chopped veg this is the dish for you!!

So to be fair I think that the Landudu delivery by Deliveroo gets an overall 8.5/10

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