Love and Liquor’s Location Lambasted

Love and Liquor has been causing a stir recently, not with it’s cocktails but instead with it’s tall tales about the club’s location.

Love and Liquor’s address states that it is in Maida Vale NW6, the map below shows the clubs location, where NW6 (in red) ends and where Maida Vale in W9 begins.

NW6 bordering W9

The Maida Vale address used by the Kilburn High Road based club has generated some quizzical responses on social media:

And this fictional map doesn’t help either

It’s not difficult to understand Love and Liquor’s aspirations to appear more up-market by use of the Maida Vale address but their strategy seems a bit dated and they have under-estimated Kilburn.

The club’s reaction to local criticism has been tantamount to them standing with fingers in their ears saying they don’t want to hear. Will Love and Liquor change their tune when their target audience starts coming to Kilburn for Kilburn and not for Maida Vale as this graph suggest.