Waitrose West Hamsptead

The highly anticipated Little Waitrose convenience store opened today in West Hampstead.

Not Lidl Waitrose but you’d be forgiven for having your mind riddled with Lidl, what with the discount store and its cousin Aldi being all the rage.

However, where Waitrose goes the hype is sure to follow, a mix bag of responses about the opening include a tweet from the Camden New Journal asking “Is the gentrification of West Hampstead ‘99% complete’? ”

Which alludes to gentrification being no stranger to the area, the ‘Waitrose Effect’ is the icing on the cake.  

Of course the vast majority of people expressed favourably, tweeting their delight with the experience ranging from free coffee to the huge selection of cheeses. The Camden New Journal has curated the best tweets about Little Waitrose’s opening.

Waitrose’s new smaller retail format addresses our changing shopping habits. As people are increasingly time-poor they shop little and often rather than weekend big bulk buying.

The site was formerly a Pizza Express restaurant, @Whampstead captured its last day, “The end of the dough balls is nigh. Pizza Express’s last day in West Hampstead. Waitrose is on its way”.

Although there is now another Waitrose located on the Jubilee Line the latest offering is still a 10 minute walk from West Hampstead tube. So the best connected Waitrose is still the John Barnes in Finchley Road.

Address: 319 West End Lane West Hampstead NW6 1RN

Call: 020077942368

Opening hours: Sunday to Saturday 7am – 10pm

Image credit: @m4nd1ra