The Gentrification Of Kilburn: From Slummy Flats to Simply Food

The nail is in the coffin of where the socially cleansed lay, Marks and Spencer’s, Simply Food is coming out to play.

Marks & Spencer’s are going to open a Simply Food store in Kilburn. The announcement was made last week by Brent Council and Bouygues Development, the latter are a construction company working on the Queens Park Place housing scheme based in south Kilburn.

Queens Park Place is a major improvement to the area, putting the southern hemisphere of Kilburn on the map. Although the presence of this popular quality food outlet will help to gradually drive up rents around the area, which will benefit the overseas property investors buying up Queens Park Place apartments off plan. This unrelenting force of gentrification won’t benefit everyone, especially long time locals who will struggle with increased rents.

This is also a cause for concern for the independent food shops on Salusbury Road, where trading might not be worth their while paying higher rents.

Marks and Spencer’s annual shareholders meeting‘s continue to report that their food business is flourishing. As a result, we will see more Simply Food outlets to meet the growing demand.


In the past, north-west Londoners on the hunt for Simply Food with convenient opening hours would have to rely on a car, due to most stores located in petrol stations. How many of you would make regular stops at the Shepherd’s bush BP Simply Food for a healthy alternative to a kebab or fast food following a night out?

More recently, a Simply Food has opened in a BP petrol station based in Blackbird Hill, NW9 next door to a Lidl and staff say the food is simply just flying off the shelves.

All things considered, like many housing schemes around London that have succumbed to neglect for decades, South Kilburn passed its use by date, long ago. Residents of this stale housing stock were promised to be re-housed back within a regenerated south Kilburn. Although it’s now known otherwise and there will be far fewer homes offering affordability than previously expected. South Kilburn residents have expressed that they feel mislead and are being socially cleansed.