10 Signs of Social Cleansing in Kilburn.

The South Kilburn regeneration in north-west London is well underway, with plans to demolish its 18 storey post-war tower blocks.

During all of this change, how have local residents coped throughout the disruption? According to the South Kilburn residence association their feedback is far from positive, read on to find out why.

1. There are fewer dwellings at social rent than there were before regeneration.


2. Some of the new flats are smaller than those they replaced.


3. The new flats have been let at higher rents than was the case.


4. Flats are being sold and rented at prices which existing South Kilburn tenants have no chance of affording.


5. Luxury flats are being advertised on the Far Eastern market, clearly as an investment, rather than social housing.


6. Gated communities are replacing inclusive communal spaces.


7. Many residents forced to move to other areas.


8. Developers repeatedly breached agreed working hours causing after-hour disturbances.

9. Residents ignored by developers who have failed to consult with them.
10. Worksite staff behaviour in the area is out of control.

Image source: Henrik Sorensen, Semmy Trailer, Nico Hogg