10 Reasons Why Kilburn Post-war Housing Blocks Need to Go.

A huge initiative is underway to regenerate the South Kilburn area in north-west London and demolish its eighteen storey post-war housing blocks.

This is a major improvement for the area, especially for one of Kilburn’s local landmarks; the grade I listed Church of St Augustine, built between 1870 – 1877, designed by architect John Loughborough Pearson, here’s why:

1. The contrast between one of the finest Victorian gothic revival churches in the country and the lacklustre housing estate is stark and jarring.

Saint_Augustines_Kilburn_-_Google_Maps 2 

2. Kilburn’s Church of St Augustine has the tallest spire in London, people need to see this.


3. There’s nothing positive that can be said about the presence of these blocks.


4. The blocks make the street look monotonous.



5. They could not be regarded as anything other than an eyesore.


6. Local people in Kilburn deserve better.


 7. Make way for the low-rise, six storey mansion block development.


8. The proposed development has been designed by an award-winning, design-led, architectural practice.

south_kilburn_i210612_v1 copy

9. The proposed buildings are simple, understated and varied to avoid blandness and repetitiveness.


10. The buildings are unmistakably modern and boast architectural flair without overpowering the listed buildings. 


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Photo sources: @stevecadman, @nicohogg, @adam_hiles, Visualhouse & Alison Brooks Architects.